My Tesla was almost out of power…Thank you Allen and Joy!

Mike appeared with his Tesla almost out of power. It was down to a few miles of electric power before it ran out of charge and stopped. He found the Inn at Dresden on the Tesla computer in his car. The computer shows the Tesla charging stations and we are pleased to have one at the inn. He said we were the only Tesla charging station for miles. I think he was surprised that we also had overnight accommodations and were only a few miles from Dillon Lake. His current hotel was about 70 miles distance, the only one available in the area because of the event.

The Inn at Dresden also has a charging station for other electric cars so that guests at the inn can fully charge their cars while they spend the night.

 Joy and I are really pleased to read Mike’s comments. We feel that it is an affirmation of why we are here. We really enjoy meeting and helping people, whether or not they are guests. So, thank you Mike for your kind words. We were glad to help…and you are welcome to return and have your batteries charged!

This is Mike Gilman. You helped me on May 28th when you so graciously allowed me to charge my Tesla. Thanks to you, I was able to make it to my daughter’s crew regatta race on the 28th, and have enough charge in my Tesla to make it back to my hotel in St. Clairsville, OH.  As I stated to Allen that afternoon – you were the shining stars of my otherwise horrendous day, and for that I cannot thank you enough.  I look forward to seeing you again, and staying at your lovely bed and breakfast.

Good health and much continued happiness to both of you.  And, again, thank you so very much!!!


 Michael R. Gilman

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