A Bee Celebration and A Celebration of Life!


It’s that time of the year again. This is the third time we celebrated this Longaberger event with these BEE-AUTIFUL ladies! Two of the “Bee” ladies are Vicki Coots and Lynn Shelly, long-time friends who have been staying at The Inn at Dresden for years. These ladies “shop til they drop!” Can you tell in the pictures? Along with their amazing shopping adventures, they enjoy visiting Dresden because they become friends with us and with other Longaberger consultants.

Allen and Joy’s home in Dresden is becoming much more than The Inn at Dresden, a bed and breakfast. It is a center for love and happiness. Our guests are always considered extended friends and family!

Sheila, one of the Longaberger longtime collectors, traveled from Chicago to The Inn at Dresden with her friend, Diana Smith. Longtime friends, they have participated in many Longaberger events over the years. For Sheila, this was truly a celebration, not only her birthday, but a celebration of her life. Recently, physicians advised her that she has a terminal illness. Sheila is living her life one day at a time and living it to the fullest! She is unbelievably open and upbeat about this stage of her life and discusses it with family and friends. A long time collector of Longaberger baskets and many other things, she talks freely about the distribution of her possessions after her death.

Diana is one of the 50 founding members of the sales staff of the Longaberger Company. For several years, she has been staying at The Inn at Dresden and frequently hosts parties at the Inn.  Since this trip coincided with Sheila’s birthday, a party was definitely in order. Friends came and everyone had a great time. We enjoyed Sheila’s charm, grace, and high spirits. We agreed she is an amazing woman. The party was truly a celebration of life and Sheila was the star.

And speaking of Diana Smith, you will remember she was one of the speakers at the Longaberger Bee Event that was given a standing ovation. Diana’s speech about how she grew her sales this year was truly from her heart. As she was speaking, you could see and feel her passion about her Longaberger business. She gave great tips to help other home consultants achieve success. She challenged and inspired every home consultant in the room. Diana received a well-deserved standing ovation when she was done. After the speech she had so many consultants walking up to her and congratulating her, wanting her speech, and asking her questions. She is a true role model, keep on inspiring us Diana.

Kalyn and DJ visit the Bee and The Inn at Dresden!

Kalyn has been coming to Dresden with her Mom since she was ten years old. Kalyn’s love for Longaberger baskets started in 2002 when she was in fourth grade, “I saved all my babysitting money for my baskets. It was the only thing on my Christmas and birthday lists.” Kalyn had a love for the baskets she just couldn’t explain. In 2000, her parents found a home consultant in their neighborhood so Kalyn could ride her bike to the consultant’s house for open houses and host her own basket shows with the money she saved from babysitting.

The first year Kalyn came to Dresden was in 2006.  She came on a bus tour, and after that trip, she fell in love with Dresden and said she had to come back every year. Her next trip wasn’t until 2010 when she came for the Collectors Club gathering and Melon Festival. When she was old enough to get her driver’s license, she has returned to many Longaberger events with her mom, her Grandmother, Aunt, and customers. Kalyn became a Home Consultant in 2010 and tries to plan an annual bus trip. She has been attending the July Bee Event since 2013. In 2015 she brought DJ, her special friend, to Dresden. DJ fell in love with this wonderful place last year and returned in 2016. Although not involved with Longaberger. DJ says he will return regularly. He loves staying at The Inn at Dresden .  

These great comments left in TripAdvisor sum up perfectly the way our guests feel…

Every morning of your stay you are treated to a delicious breakfast that is prepared by Joy, and let me assure you she is an excellent chef. Joy is always accommodating of everyone’s dietary restrictions. If you choose to enjoy an evening meal at the Inn, Joy will prepare a meal you will not soon forget…..from the appetizer to the dessert, it is a fabulous experience. To really take in the full experience of staying at the Inn of Dresden you should look at staying at least two nights…..it is a memory and time you won’t forget. My friend and I stayed five nights our last stay and it was an unbelievable time and a memory for a lifetime. We always feel like family when we stay here. We have already booked our room for next year and can’t wait until our next visit.

Kayln and DJ



Beautiful and Inspiring Sheila


Sheila and Kenny Birkhimer


Sheila and her friend Diana Smith


Can we shop or what?!


Vicki and Lynn


Honoring Diana!


Food, Fun, Friends – Family…Gathering Together in the Dining Room at The Inn!





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